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Since the beginning, a karting sprocket has been a karting sprocket. The only two innovative ideas that changed a karting sprocket was to split them in half to allow easy installation for inboard 4-cycle applications decades ago. Then, several years ago, someone cut off every other tooth and called it a “skip tooth.” All through the years we have used the same bolt patterns, same pitch, and same basic designs. Well, all that has changed!

The Xcel Drive System is a revolutionary sprocket and hub design which reduces rotating weight, creates less friction, and increases acceleration. The lightweight sprockets are made from high quality alloy and coated to ensure a long-lasting sprocket. Each sprocket is made to

outperform and outlast the competition.

The lightweight floating drive hub utilizes a four-bolt design to greatly reduce rotating weight, while allowing the gear to "float" and self-align the driveline as the chassis flexes on the track to keep the chain true to the clutch and

reducing any friction found in fixed sprocket hubs.

Gear guards are also available and mount on either side of the sprocket to guide the chain onto the sprocket and prevent the loss of the chain.

Available in aluminum or carbon fiber.
Available in 50-68 tooth sizes.

Click here to order an Xcel Drive System

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