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With the “mini outlaw” market constantly growing throughout the country, PRC has developed a kart package specifically designed for the youth divisions of our sport. Since the ‘beginner’ and ‘box stock’ classes often run similar engine and tire packages as traditional speedway karts, we obviously had a good grasp of the basics… and after several months of R&D, PRC’s MINecon Outlaw was born.

So… what's different about Phantom's Outlaw kart?

Well, there's a lot different from what's considered to be "the norm" for a mini outlaw kart. Since the MINecon Outlaw spawned from our speedway kart technology, it has explosive roll speed when compared to its competitors. The steering is also much easier & quicker than others. But the most obvious is the added adjustability of the MINecon Outlaw due to pieces such as PRC’s renown caster block design, which allows fully adjustable caster & camber, fully adjustable ride height with our rear axle cassettes, PRC’s fully adjustable lightweight mini outlaw-specific wing and strut system, and another innovative feature specific to the MINecon Outlaw... the Seat Cradle.

The Seat Cradle design allows the racer to mount the seat of their choice to an independent cradle that provides both adjustability and flex. Once the seat is mounted to this cradle, the cradle can then be moved forward or back 2" by simply removing two bolts. The entire seat and cradle assembly can be adjusted or removed within minutes for easy modification, cleanup, and maintenance. 

The MINecon Outlaw includes all of the other features that PRC customers have grown to love such as the Flip Mega Mount, steering lock, MCP brake system, optional pedal plate, APC components, etc.

Outlaw Package Includes:

  • Powder coated frame and cage

  • Powder coated bumpers and nerfs

  • Anodized black components

  • PRC aluminum wing

  • Adjustable aluminum wing rails

  • PRC round steering wheel

  • 23" Steering shaft (21" also available)

  • Quick release steering wheel hub

  • PRC toe lock kit

  • Adjustable seat cradle

  • Racequip 2" seat belts

  • "Flip" Mega Mount

  • Fiberglass nose, nose enclosure, and tail

  • Aluminum brake shield mounted tail bracket

  • 32" zinc plated super true PRC axle

  • Lightweight 6-bolt sprocket hub

  • MCP brake system

  • PRC high performance steel bearings

  • APC full-face right side hubs

  • Quick start studs

  • Adjustable front caster

  • Adjustable front camber

  • Adjustable Ackermann

  • Adjustable lead

  • Adjustable ride height

Available Upgrades:

  (additional charges apply)

  • Start-up kit (see right)

  • Fiberglass side pods

  • Billet pedals w/ grips

  • Authentic PRC ceramic bearings

  • Braided brake lines

  • Floating sprocket hub (6-bolt or Xcel)

  • Chain guide system

  • Lightweight aluminum rod ends

  • Lightweight aluminum spindle nuts

  • "Ebright" rear bumper and tail (w/ bracket)

  • Carbon fiber floor pans (center and/or rear)

  • Carbon fiber nose

  • Carbon fiber nose enclosure

  • Carbon fiber tail (standard or Ebright)

  • Carbon fiber side pods

Chassis Start-Up Kit

To completely outfit your package with components you still may need, we offer an optional "Start-Up Kit" add-on feature which includes the following items:

  • Plastic fuel tank

  • Nitro Mfg carbon fiber catch can

  • Steel braided throttle line housing

  • Inner throttle cable

  • Throttle cable clevis

  • Throttle L-bracket

  • #35 EK chain

  • Rear fiberglass floor pan

  • Rear floor pan bolt kit

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