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  The Gauntlet is the one we want to leave out, but it’s part of our history. Often viewed as the “black eye” of Phantom, the Gauntlet showed one thing – that Harrill and PRC were human. With confidence at an all-time high following the Banshee, Harrill kept the testing and development under wraps and released the chassis at the Kart Fest show in 1999. This proved to be a fatal mistake. The surprise release was not accepted well by the racers and the chassis suffered dearly. Granted, the chassis’ initial performance was sub-par compared to its predecessors, but with a tainted first impression of the chassis, racers never accepted the Gauntlet.

  With PRC’s reputation on the line, Harrill decided to do something no other manufacturer has ever done – a recall. This decision cost the company thousands of dollars but reaped a seven-fold reward in customer appreciation and respect.

  This action spoke for itself, showing the industry the Phantom Racing Chassis stood 100% behind its products. Later, a competitor regarded this recall as, “The best move Harrill ever made.”


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