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At Phantom, a body is more than just a surface to stick decals on. We believe the bodywork is a crucial factor in your chassis' performance. In fact, Phantom is one of the few manufacturers who spends countless time testing body designs in order to correctly develop a body which will complement their chassis. For this reason, we highly recommend using only authentic PRC bodywork on your Phantom chassis.


The latest version of our bodywork is the "SS 2.0." With almost two inches of overlap between the nose and side panels, it aids in its strength and durability due to the surface area to connect the pieces. The wheel areas are rolled giving a cleaner appearance and stiffens the panel for added durability.


The Phantom SS 2.0 body is offered in three colors:

Black, White, or Red

 Click here to order an SS 2.0 body

 Column fairings come in three flavors:

Clear or smoked polycarbonate or space-age, ultralight carbon fiber.

 Click here to order a fairing

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