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  The first Phantom Racing Chassis was a “straight-rail design” chassis and released in 1989. It was the beginning of a legacy. After a few years of building “one off” chassis in a 900-square foot building in Camden, S.C., PRC’s founder and president, Harrill Wiggins, decided to take a chassis to market. In late 1989, he built three of what is now known as “the Original Phantom” or “The Straight Rail.” This chassis is one of the first three and is believed to be the very first Phantom Chassis EVER. The chassis was given as a Christmas present to Cody Rabon of Elgin, S.C., in 1989. Coby raced the chassis in the early 90s until the chassis was sold to Taylor Overcash of Troutman, N.C. Harrill repurchased the chassis for restoration in 2002. The chassis was restored to its original condition… including the color.

  Between 1989 and 1994, Harrill raced and built this basic-design chassis with a few different iterations throughout. One such iteration was known as the “7000 Phantom.” It was this basic design with the center steering supports and seat sliders moved forward. Another was the renowned “Double Rail.” Again, this basic design with a double left side rail.

  Throughout it’s history, this chassis was garnished with the greats of the times like Scotty Cagle, Rusty Jones, Jamie Weatherford, and even our own Tony Belk and Tony Walter. You can easily say this chassis was the springboard to what you see at PRC today.


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