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Chassis Assembly

PRC's James Stanley covers how to assemble your new Phantom kart… step-by-step! Or, you can skip ahead to the link for a specific part of the video below.


0:00:57 - Kart Kit and Start Up Kit Overview

0:03:24 - Steering Assembly

0:35:56 - Rear Floor Pan Installation

0:44:04 - Seat Installation

1:18:58 - Motor Mount Assembly and Installation

1:27:54 - Preparing for the Body

1:36:19 - Dzus spring installation

1:43:38 - Body Mounting

2:07:10 - Fairing adjustment (post-body installation)

2:08:52 - Throttle line installation

2:13:34 - Fuel tank assembly and installation

2:17:51 - Chain cutting and installation

2:20:33 - Tip... how the bumper can be loose, but still be tight

2:22:22 - Conclusion

Choosing the Correct Seat

Ever notice how some drivers appear more comfortable in their chassis than you? Have you considered selecting a different style or seat size? Choosing the right seat is a very important step in the assembly of your chassis. Without the correct seat, a driver's posture will not be correct in the chassis which could often lead to poor results. Take a minute and see how the professionals choose a seat.

Properly Setting Toe

There should no detail overlooked when preparing your chassis for competition. Whether it is assembly, engine and tire preparation, or scaling your chassis, each step is as critical as the step prior. Even a small detail like setting the toe should be done accurately and precisely to ensure your chassis is performing to its full potential. Here, you will see the recommended procedure for setting toe.

Front End Geometry

Fully adjustable front ends were introduced several years ago and are offered on all new Phantom chassis today. These adjustments include caster, camber, Ackermann, and lead. However, understanding these adjustments and the effects they have on the chassis is crucial prior to making any changes on your chassis. Watch as Harrill Wiggins explains the correct way to adjust front end geometry.

PRC Robotic Welding

Have you wondered what sets Phantom Racing Chassis apart from the competition? Or just wanted to see how each chassis is made? Well, now you can with this behind the scenes look at the process used to construct each and every Phantom chassis!

PRC Chassis Shop Tour

Take a look in our shop! Our Sales Manager, James Stanley, gives a quick video tour…

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