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Are you tired of spending hours trying to get your bearings to spin freely?

Are you disgusted with bearings that only last a few races?


PRC ceramic bearings are ready to drop in your chassis and outperform those other generic bearings straight out of the box! PRC ceramics are purpose-built ceramic bearings specifically designed to outperform and outlast those "other" bearings. The ceramic material that is used is both stronger and less dense than steel. As a result, ceramics will last longer and not wear as fast as a standard steel bearing. In addition, the ceramic balls used in ceramic bearings are harder than traditional steel, allowing for less deformation, less friction and, as a result, a much freer rolling bearing – which makes speed.


PRC ceramics last longer, wear less, and spin freer...

Proper maintenance, cleaning, and assembly is necessary to ensure maximum bearing performance and durability.
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