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The MINecon chassis is a 1-1/8” diameter frame better suited for tighter, lower grip tracks and also smaller/junior drivers. The MINecon is a smaller tubing version of the highly successful Recon chassis, hence the name… MINimized Recon.

Following tremendous success with a small tube model of the Triton frame (Triton Jr.), PRC followed it up by creating a smaller-tube sister chassis for the Recon. The MINecon frame flexes more under load which creates more mechanical “bite” due to the smaller diameter tubing. Not only will the MINecon create more bite through the chassis, but it also allows the kart to be more “user-friendly” since the chassis will do more work while cornering. Keep in mind, more flex does come at a cost. Since the chassis flexes more, it does not allow the kart to roll as well as its larger tubed sister chassis (Recon). While both karts are extremely similar in handling characteristics and setups, remember that the Recon rolls better, while the MINecon bites harder.

The MINecon utilizes all of the revolutionary features of the Recon including the renowned front seat bar design which increases weight transfer and weight distribution during cornering. The MINecon’s front seat bar has proven to enhance the turning power and drivability, while increasing the kart’s roll speed.

Each MINecon chassis is hand-assembled and available in one of three packages: Standard, Champion's, or Elite Edition.

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