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"The Flip"

The Flip Mega Mount has every benefit you could want from a motor mount... it's lighter, lower, and it's two mounts in one. That's right! Not only is The Flip mount lighter and lower than previous mounts, but it has been engineered to be used with Briggs flathead, Animal & LO206, clone, and Predator engines.


The unique angled top plate allows racers to "flip" it front-to-back, changing the engine angle from the standard 16-degree, to the 8-degree setting.

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Chain Guide System

The Flip Mega Mount is also equipped with threaded holes on the rear of the base to utilize PRC's chain guide system.

"The Chain Guide" is exactly as described... it is designed to "guide" the chain from the rear sprocket to the clutch sprocket.

This allows the ability to remove gear guards from the axle, reducing rotating weight.


This redesigned system is easier to adjust and keeps the chain in perfect alignment. Some slight adjustment may be needed when changing between the 8-degree and 16-degree settings on The Flip mount.

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