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  Coming off of a strong three-year term with the Nemesis, Harrill decided it was time to start hammering out a new chassis. As he learned in the past, designing a chassis in an attempt to improve on the heels an already successful kart could be a very difficult task, i.e, Banshee and Gauntlet. Harrill knew he had to go about testing in a different way than he had with the Gauntlet. Unlike the Gauntlet, however, Harrill’s research and development of the Phenom was widely known and interest continued to grow concerning his new creation. Immense testing went into the design on the Phenom with many of karting’s best involved. The end result was a user-friendly chassis with the capability of making more speed and bite than any other chassis prior.

  In 2004, the Phenom chassis was released and it didn’t take long to realize that Harrill had once again stepped up the bar and created a chassis which would forever be remembered as the one of the best. Compiling Manufacturer’s Championships on both dirt and asphalt in the Southeast and Midwest, the Phenom proved to be an even better chassis than it’s successful predecessor, the Nemesis.

  To this day, along with it’s slightly re-designed twin, the Phenom ES2, the Phenom continues to be one of the most competitive and successful chassis on the market.


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