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  Many racers still believe the Stalker was the best chassis ever built, however, very few know that this now-historic chassis was almost trashed before its time. During the “big offset takeover” in 1993, Harrill was determined that the offset chassis was a fad and would eventually pass. Finally, in 1994, after being proven wrong, Harrill built two versions of an offset chassis… this chassis being one of those two. He and his driver, Andy Whiten, took this chassis and another iteration with a “weight jacker” to Carteret County for a heads-up test. The conclusion was that this chassis was inferior and set aside.

  It's salvation was a close friend and collaborator, Derle Walter. Derle took the chassis and worked with it. Over the next few months, with Derle’s brother, Tony, at the wheel, this chassis proved to be better than the original version Harrill picked first.

  So, after being proven wrong, Harrill reverted back to this version and the rest is history. The Stalker was one of the longest running and most successful chassis PRC has ever built. During its era, backorders for the Stalker reached 150+ and racers waited for months to get one. Harrill believes that the chassis pictured here was the most important chassis he ever built.

  And just think… he almost threw it away.              NEXT CHASSIS>>>

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