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  On the heels of what was the most successful PRC chassis to date, Harrill and his crew had the daunting challenge of “improving it.” After many attempts at improvement with mere design changes, Harrill focused on changing the materials he used. Harrill knew the rigidity of larger materials would have benefits if they could get the chassis balanced with enough bite to satisfy his customers. Finally, he found a combination he was comfortable with by using 1-1/4” main rails along with varying-sized inner rails – a risky but innovative move.

  The kart pictured was the very first production model Banshee chassis and was shown at the 1997 WKA KartFest Trade Show in Charlotte, N.C. Not only is this the first Banshee chassis, but it also sported the first Banshee body ever made. The chassis and body were literally finished just hours before the show and the paint was still soft as it was placed at the show.

  From there, the Banshee rewrote the record books in oval karting during the late 1990s. Dominating the National Dirt and Pavement series by winning every Manufacturer’s Championship of its era with literally hundreds of National event wins. In Harrill’s own words, “There has never been a chassis as dominate as the Banshee and there probably never will be again!”



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