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  With customers now wanting more, Harrill was determined to incorporate more adjustability into the next chassis. Keeping all features of the Icon, he added more adjustability into the seat mounting and wrapped it all in a radically new chassis design. When the release was announced in 2009, the first question was, “What’s a Seraph?” So, Harrill issued a new challenge for the racers to find out for themselves. The prize was a free Seraph to the racer who could win an essay contest on the subject of “Seraph.”

  Approximately 200 essays rolled in over the next few weeks and Jeremey Stroud was declared the winner! It’s no secret today that what appeared to be an essay contest was nothing more than a Bible study and well worth the prize on many levels.

  The Seraph went on to become a very successful chassis and also won every Manufacturer’s Championship for PRC during its stint. Even with this success, the Seraph was known for having a small window of tolerance. It had explosive speed but was hard to setup and to drive. Aside from the on-track performance of the Seraph, its biggest contribution to PRC was knowledge.

  Chassis design at PRC just changed directions…


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