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  After a strong stint with the Phenom, PRC released the Icon in the Fall of 2006. He Icon was the first chassis to combine the “split cassette” design with a removable wear ring. Split cassettes were long used in Europe but proved to be too expensive due to wear. By incorporating the removeable wear ring, Wiggins felt the design would bring great benefits to the PRC racers. But, to add even more value, Harrill also included an integrated pill design that provided the racers with a way to adjust both crossweight and axle lead.

  With customers eager to get their hands on the new design, and adjustability features, sales ramped straight up and production ran at near full-capacity for many months. Then, some six months after the release, sales began to plummet - racers had become confused with the new features of the Icon. Harrill knew it was time to return to the track so he teamed up once again with Tod Miller and the duo went racing again. Tod and Harrill soon found Victory Lane and got the customers and the Icon back on track. This turn of events proved to be profitable for PRC because many customers had sold their Icon only to return a second time.

  The Icon went on to win the Manufacturer’s Championship in every division each year it was manufactured and proved itself to be a worthy PRC model.


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