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The Recon chassis is a 1-1/4” diameter frame that has dominated the karting industry for years. It is fully adjustable, and can be used on any track surface – dirt or pavement.
Original development of the Recon took place over the span of 18 months, including more than 30 different prototypes, all with one goal in mind - to build something faster and more consistent than any of its predecessors. To accomplish the performance and drivability our customers demanded, PRC not only had to go outside of traditional karting designs, but had to introduce new manufacturing processes to the karting industry.

The Recon was the first kart chassis to incorporate multi-radius and multi-process bends into the main frame rails. Each Recon frame rail is formed complete on a nine-axis CNC tube bender that provides multiple tool sets and allows multiple bending processes in the same tube. Conventional draw bends are processed in the same operation as “variable radius” bends with complete accuracy. This allowed us to adjust chassis stiffness in specific areas by adjusting the bend radii - something never possible before.
Not only is the Recon frame completely different, but the seat mounting and dynamics are also revolutionary. The Recon’s front seat bar utilizes a small diameter tube that increases weight transfer and weight distribution during cornering. The front seat bar is something completely different and has proven to enhance the turning power and drivability of the Recon, while increasing the kart’s roll-speed.

Due to the everlasting popularity and incredible customer demand, the Recon was placed back into production in 2022 after it was originally discontinued a few years prior. “User-friendliness” and “raw speed” are often used to describe the revival of the Recon, as it has been one of the most desired chassis ever produced by Phantom.


Each Recon chassis is hand-assembled and available in one of three packages: Standard, Champion's Edition, or Elite Edition.

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