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  The Phantom Triton was released in late 2011 as the flagship model of PRC. On the heels of the Seraph, customers were asking for a more user-friendly chassis that was less “tire sensitive.” So that’s exactly what PRC strived for in the Triton. The next four years would prove that we did hit the mark in user-friendliness because the Triton won every Manufacturer’s Championship available during its life span and was driven to victory at most of the biggest races the sport had to offer.

  Produced from late 2011 until late 2015, the Triton was sold under the year model as 2012-2015, It was also sold in three configurations: standard Triton, Triton 35, and later as the Triton Jr. The Triton 35 was the least popular of the three but did see success in the early release years. However, drivers gravitated to the more user-friendly standard Triton.

  Then in 2013, Harrill and staff released the Triton Jr which went on to become the chassis of choice for all of the Junior classes and even crossed over into some of the adult classes. Today, it is safe to say the Phantom Triton was one of the most successful chassis ever produced by PRC. The argument will remain whether it actually rivals the Phenom and Nemesis as being the greatest!


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